Experience the world’s first motorcycle-specific action cameras with Bullet HD

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26 August 2015 – Bullet HD aims at providing state of the art bike cameras for motorcycle photography amateurs and pros alike. With a wide range of cameras, the company offers to broaden the horizons of creativity for the user.
In the past, there have been many car black box cams, but motorcycles have been neglected in this regard even though the importance of a black box cam in a motorcycle can’t be denied. Listed below are the three reasons to have a motorcycle cam:
  • It helps one to record road accidents for evidence
  • It aids in recording wayward citizens who break the traffic laws even after multiple warnings
  • One can record memorable moments to enjoy later

Speaking at a local conference regarding bike cameras, the Bullet HD spokesperson said, “BIKER camera offers a very small and separated lens, which can be installed on different positions of the motorcycle so that users are able to shoot the subject the way they want. It has streamlined design, waterproof housing and different length of cables for different kinds of motorcycles to enhance the experience of a thrilling bike ride.”
One of the many benefits of having a detachable lens is that the user can also hide the lens while stopping on the street to protect it from being stolen.   
The spokesperson continued to explain the functions by stating, “The BIKER camera features an “Emergency File Lock” function, so that if something like a road accident or an act of crime happens and the rider wants to keep the video as evidence, they just have to press the power button and the recording video file will be locked and will not be deleted even if the BIKER camera is in Loop Recording Mode”
BIKER cameras also offer 1-minute video files for faster downloading and uploading, unlike other cameras where it takes more than 30 minutes to download and upload heavy files to social media.
The spokesperson concluded by saying, “The video quality offered by BIKER PRO and BIKER MATE is 1080p at 30 frames per second paired with a wide 160 degrees angle field of view. This makes sure that even the minutest of the details are not ignored and the user is able to capture the moment perfectly.”
Due to high quality standards, Bullet HD is a widely recommended camera in the category of bike photography, and keeping in view its growing popularity, the company seems to have a promising future ahead.
About the Company
Bullet HD was founded by Silver Creation Int’l Ltd in 2008 as one of the first manufacturers of action-sports cameras. As a motorcycle enthusiast and Harley Davidson fanatic, the founder tried every action camera on the market, but found them unfulfilling as a motorcyclist. Biker Pro and Biker Mate bring to the table features that are unique to the needs of bikers. A motorcycle is the ultimate symbol of freedom, and your action camera should reflect that ethos.


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