Recording The Action With A Biker Camera

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With the help of BIKER camera, you can capture everything exactly what you see on the way while driving your motorbike. In this article, we'll highlight some points that you must consider whilst buying the cam for a motorcycle.

Whether you are a gadget person or not, but, if you have a motorbike, then you must take extra care about some viable yet functional accessories that are surely not at all harm your budget. Over here, we are talking about cameras for your motorbike. Undoubtedly, every gadget comes with superb video capabilities – whether  it is about your smartphones or digital cameras. There were times when the video recording or capturing all your favorite moments was never been easier.

But, the time has changed now. In order to show off the most active & memorable moments of your life. Therefore, invest in a biker camera – first motorcycle specific video camera system that includes a ton of features in order to make your ride just awesome. The best thing with the motorbike video camera system that it can be mounted anywhere & else you can think of. So, use a wide range of camera systems when you will on a long drive.  

The best part included with these video camera systems are that if you are in very dangerous situations, the BIKER camera is ideal for capturing or shooting video that would otherwise hard to capture.

Opting For A Biker Camera

While buying a biker camera, then look for something compact, functional, featherweight, streamlined, water-resistant & high-performing one. Usually, it comes with two basic styles such as all-in-one design & two-piece design.

All-in-one design provides the smallest entire package & sometimes, these designs are “lipstick” cameras as in they can be housed in a long tube. When it comes to two-piece design feature, they are like lipstick-like cameras, but they connect through a separate cable for recording.

One of the best advantages with all-in-one design camera is when you take your helmet off, you would not have a problem with cables or find out a place in order to carry the recording unit. The two-piece design contains LCD screen, this is something that we can say one of the advantages it has. It works as a viewfinder as well as allowing to review your footage over & over again, this is something just like the best video camera for motorcycle. While mounting the camera, the viewfinder is nice to embrace, therefore, you can make sure that the cam is pointing where you want that. Without the screen in order to review your footage, it can't be easier to say if you have captured the moments you want to. It is all depending upon how you plan to use the helmet cam, and you may not be able to adjust without it. Hence, biker camera saves a huge time of yours.

Image Quality & Lens

The helmet cams tend to build for capturing high-quality video but still images. However, they usually do not come up with huge pixel counts. There are some cams, delivering around between 640x480 & 769x494 resolution video. On the other hand, they do not have zoom lenses, then you will need to have thought to what kind of field of view you want on the camera.

Opt for a camera that comes up with the ultra-wide-angle lens, therefore, you do not have to be as careful with aiming the lens. With an extreme wide-angle lens, you will stand a better chance in order to get the best shot, even when the camera is not aimed right where you think it is supposed to be.

You must take extra care in order to go with ultra wide one, it can look a little bit off. Since we are not used to experiencing the world in ultra wide angle. So, shop carefully while purchasing the helmet cam.

 Other features to consider

Battery- Every helmet camera consists of AA battery, and this is what making easier to replace the batteries in the field. The set of rechargeable Aas, which will give much longer battery life. Relying on the camera & batteries that you must be able to get at least 5 to 6 hours of shooting time.

Durability- While strapping the camera, this is something critical in adverse conditions. Opt for a motorbike video camera that must be durable in every condition.

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