Send us your creative ideas for bike cameras and receive a gift!

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Bullet HD is a continually improving brand that strives to provide state of the art bike cameras to enhance the experience of a thrilling bike ride. In order to improve upon the next gen motorcycle cams, we conduct surveys among our users so that they can give us the feedback regarding new and improved features they want to see in our products.
Listed below are a few ways you can send us your feedback with creative and innovative ideas and receive a unique gift from Bullet HD!
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Social Media

In today’s age of digital technology, everyone is known by their virtual reality. Social media is an excellent tool for us to communicate with our clients, and you can easily mention your concerns via a private message or as a post. We have special technicians who manage our social media accounts and reply to the users in a timely manner. You can share your ideas of installing bike cameras and  tips on how to take better pictures here as well!


With a plethora of social media apps, e-mails are not employed as a communicative channel as often as they used to be, but our vigilant technicians are always there to reply to you, and to read the original ideas for bike cameras that you may send our way!


The easiest way is to click here and contact us to share your bright ideas. We are constantly looking forward to make our cameras user friendly and this is an amazing opportunity for you to share your views with us!

Write a Letter!

Now we know writing letters is an old fashioned way of communication, but we don’t let any means of interactive communication untouched in order to provide the best services to our customers. Write your suggestions and ideas illegibly and send it our way!

If your idea is exciting and unique, we will send a surprise gift your way that you are bound to enjoy! Bullet HD was found with a vision of creating cameras that do not hinder the liberating experience of riding a bike while equipping the bike riders with high quality video recording abilities to capture your best moments. The cameras can also be employed to record a crime scene happening that can be used as evidence later on and assist in legal matters.


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