Taking bike riding to the next level–Meet the world’s first motorcycle-specific action camera!

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Biker Pro’s revolutionary design gives you ultimate control and freedom in configuration of your rides!

The latest innovation from Bullet HD, is the one and only motorcycle specific action camera available on the market. It houses a High Definition camera that records crisp quality videos and lets you and the rider keep an accurate record of anything that happens through the ride!

As a motorcycle renting company you need to make sure that all your expensive two-wheelers deserve the respect they are made for! Install BIKER PRO on all your bikes today and benefit from this creative yet essential add-on.

You will have evidence if anything happens!

It is definitely a pain to see scratches and dents on your bikes when the rider simply seems to say ‘It was there before I left!’ No longer do you need to deal with such claims! The BIKER PRO records everything in 1080p, giving you a Full HD video feedback from the point a bike is rented out to the point it is returned.

Riders can download videos via Wi-Fi

What makes BIKER PRO special is the built in, swift Wi-Fi capability. Riders who love to keep a footage of their cruising sessions can download the footage via Wi-Fi, just with a few simple taps on their smart phones! What’s in it for you? Extra Value! You gain a competitive edge as soon as you install the BIKER PRO on your vehicles.

Quick installation and easy access

The best part about BIKER PRO motorcycle HD camera is that it can be installed within 15 minutes. You don’t need to be concerned about changing batteries or excessive wiring. Once mounted, all the footage can be accessed via the mobile app or online via Wi-Fi.

Innovative Engine Start Mode Technology

Worried about turning the Go Pro on each time? BIKER PRO comes with an innovative Engine Start Mode. The camera starts recording HD video as soon as the engine starts and turns off as soon as the rider kills the engine, saving all the footage to the SD card immediately.

Lightweight and waterproof

Weighing in at a mere 25 grams, the BIKER PRO is the world’s lightest motorcycle HD camera that is designed to function perfectly under any weather conditions and at any speed.

Six element lens group ensures clear night recording

With a six element lens group, an anti-reflective coating, and an anti-scratch coating, The BIKER PRO
delivers excellent contract and high performance recording, even at night. Making it a must have for your motorcycle renting company’s offerings!

Don’t wait and make sure that you gain this competitive edge over other motorcycle renting companies! Get the BIKER PRO for all your motorcycles today! Click here to read the details and shop around our collection of innovative Biker HD cameras.


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