Why riders should install BIKER cameras on their motorcycles

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Riding a motorcycle is fun and adventurous, and offers thrilling experiences every time you go out for a ride. Why not record these exciting experiences and share them with the world?

Listed below are some of the reasons why a rider should install a BIKER camera:

Fine Video Quality

It is natural for every rider to want to record extreme and adventurous moments that occur during the ride. Remarkable motorcycle cameras like the BIKER camera offer top grade recording quality that doesn’t fail even at high speeds and low lights

Recording Events

Recording is a good way to share traveling and group events. It is a great way of keeping the memories alive.

Capturing accidents as evidence

As BIKER cameras record even the finest of details, this camera can be used to record road accidents and may be helpful in identifying the culprits in case of hit and run situations.

Capturing unethical driving

It is an excellent way of recording trouble making drivers who don’t pay heed to law and order. In this way, the driver can be reported to the police or social networks, like Roadwatch in New Zealand, Zapatag.com in the US, and Roadsafe London in London.

Engine Start Mode and Loop Recording

BIKER cameras offer an engine start mode and loop recording for daily use. It is the world’s first specific design for motorcycles, and offers an engine start mode for motorcycles which means users don’t need to press any button to start recording, and will not have to worry about the memory card’s capacity because the camera will loop the recording even if the card is full, by removing the old, unlocked files, to save new ones.

Emergency Unlock Button, Wi-Fi Features, and Customized BIKER PRO with Decals

The BIKER camera offers an emergency file lock button, and Wi-Fi features that include sharing-optimized videos. Customize BIKER PRO comes with decals that add to the overall outstanding experience.

Bullet HD was founded by Silver Creation Int’l Ltd in 2008 as one of the first manufacturers of action-sports cameras. As a motorcycle enthusiast and Harley Davidson fanatic, the founder tried every action camera on the market, but found them unfulfilling as a motorcyclist. Biker Pro and Biker Mate bring to the table features that are unique to the needs of bikers. A motorcycle is the ultimate symbol of freedom, and your action camera should reflect that ethos. For further information, you can visit their website or contact them here.


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