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PRO Wi-Fi Firmware Update Instructions

1. Before updating the PRO WiFi firmware, use the SD Formatter tool to format your microSD card to FAT32.

2. Unzip the firmware file. Copy the files named:'FWSCIFC.bin' to your microSD card.

3. Insert the microSD card into the main controller and turn it ON.

4. While updating the firmware, the red and blue LEDs will be dimly lit and after approx 30 secs, the update process will be completed once the Red LEDs are brightly lit.

5. The camera will turn ON automatically with slow blinking Red LEDs upon successful completion of the update.

6. Delete the file named: ‘FWSCIFC.bin’ from the microSD card after the update. Failure to delete this file will cause the camera to update the firmware again the next time it is powered ON.

NOTICE: Make sure the PRO WiFi is connected to at least 3.8V power supply while updating the firmware!


Release Date:        2015-11-02
Firmware Version: 2015110201 Download

What’s new for this version?

- New PHOTO Mode

- New Time-lapse Mode

- Bugs fixes


Release Date:        2015-01-21
Firmware Version: 20150121 Download

What’s new for this version?

- Bugs fixes