Motorcycle Racing Sponsorship Program

How many times have you dreamt about taking part in that motorcycle race but couldn’t due to lack of resources? Has consistent participation in motorcycle racing events drained your pool of investment? Fret not; you are at just the right place because we are looking for motorcycle racing enthusiasts like yourself.

We understand motorcycle racing is an expensive sport, quickly eating up your savings on motorcycle parts, gears, accessories, entry fees, and other expenses. That’s where BulletHD comes in, supporting your enthusiasm and dream. Now, you no longer have to shy away from the actual action and resort to watching it online!

We know well that those who enjoy the thrill of racing will do anything to get into a tournament; our racing sponsorship can help you cover most of your costs as well as provide you with many other benefits. BulletHD motorcycle racing sponsorship is available for all kinds of motorcycle race events in the world. Both teams as well as individuals we welcome to the program.

The thrill that accompanies riding your baby on the road, full speed, zooming past others in a tournament, and if you win, the pride and the raw exhilaration, all of it is unmatched, and we are here to help you feel all of that as it is meant to be!

Benefits Of Our Motorcycle Racing Sponsorship Program Include:

  •        Free cameras (maximum 2 for each racer)
  •        Cash coupon upon sharing race videos on social platforms
  •        Funding entry fee, motorcycle part repair and/or other expenses

About Our Motorcycle-Specific Action Cameras

Our BulletHD motorcycle racing sponsorship, among other things, gives each motorcycle racer 2 BulletHD cameras, which they can install at the front and rear to capture stunning motorcycle riding shots. It is the world's first riding camcorder coming with different types of interchangeable lenses to make the most of the experience.

Your motorcycle riding and racing fun can be multiplied using these cameras as they allow you to make excellent videos and take stunning pictures. BulletHD cameras are compatible with all kinds of motorcycle models having advanced features such as the ability to download apps, controlling the camera from another remote device such as a phone or tablet, the capability to view old recordings, and finally, sharing content directly on social networking sites.

You can make your participation in the next motorcycle racing fun, engaging, and entertaining for your friends and social media fans as well!

What You Need To Do

To get a chance to qualify for sponsorship for the next motorcycle racing tournament that you are participating in, provide us with:

  •        The race information such as the name of the race, location of the tournament and other details
  •        After selection, post photos or videos relating to the race on your Facebook, YouTube or other social media channels
  •        Upload original videos to Dropbox or any other online storage and send us the download links
  •        After selected sponsored participants upload and share their videos on social media, we will dispatch a cash coupon to them.

Tips for Qualification

It is not difficult to qualify for our sponsorship, but with the amount of applications that we receive, you want to make sure that yours stands out. We suggest our participants to:

  •        Provide all the relevant and correct information required
  •        Show enthusiasm and commitment for motorcycle racing
  •        Mention any previous racing events you have attended
  •        Tell us in a few lines why we should consider you for motorcycle racing  sponsorship

You can find the online form to participate here.

Good luck!