A comprehensive guide to bike camera solutions

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If you are a bike camera enthusiast and are always on the search for a camera that aptly complements the freedom experienced on a bike ride, you have come to the right place. It is observed that most bike cameras prove to be a whole lot of extra work when it comes to using and maintaining them during a ride, which makes your riding trip a bit disappointing.
Bullet HD offers you an eclectic range of bike cameras that makes sure your camera doesn’t come in the way of your adventurous experience.
Listed below are a few cameras offered by Bullet HD, pick your choice and glide away!


BIKER PRO is the world’s first camera that is made specifically for motorcycles. It allows you to capture 1080p video, and features an assortment of tech savvy options including Wi-Fi, engine start mode, and a wide angle field of view.


Shooting videos at high quality 1080p, BIKER MATE is a hot favorite among bike photography professionals due to its compatible features like engine start REC, best low light performance, and water resistant properties.


The ultra-durable aluminum shell of PRO WIFI enables you to shoot videos even during heavy showers, as it is water resistant. It captures the video at 1080p with 30 frames per second, and is supported by built in Wi-Fi module which allows you to control your camera remotely from a smart phone. Also, you can view your recorded videos directly from the app, and can share your videos on social media as well.


This camera is so durable that you can use it as your own personal black box. With its ultra-durable aluminum shell and 1080p video quality and 80 frames per second, you can’t go wrong with this choice.


MINI may be small in size, but with multiple video shooting options (1080p80 and 720p60) and 5MP photos, it takes the cake when tested against its competitors. Moreover, this water proof and shock proof design captures snapshots every 3 seconds.


JET S is one of the highest performing Wi-Fi enabled cameras manufactured by Bullet HD. This water proof design shoots videos at 1080p80 and 720p60, and shoots photos at an impressive 16MP at a single shot.

To further explore the individual cameras, you can visit the Bullet HD website or contact them here.


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