Choose from dozens of accessories and mounts to customize your camera with Bullet HD

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26 August 2015 - Bullet HD offers the world’s first interchangeable lens riding camcorder which makes bike photography easier and more entertaining. These motorcycle specific action cameras have heavily altered the recent bike photography scenario due to the availability of an assortment of accessories and mounts.
Bullet HD offers different lengths of cables to assist the user with different kinds of motorcycles in order to install and fit the lens, as the company doesn’t believe in the policy of one size fits all. The lengths available range from 15 centimeter to 3 meters for BIKER cameras so that it is easy to fit the lens.
Speaking at a local convention on bike cameras, a Bullet HD spokesperson said, “The founder of the brand tried every bike camera in the market to find the one which was compatible with the liberating experience of bike riding and offered maximum freedom without worrying about water splashes and hazy video quality. Bullet HD brings exactly this philosophy to limelight and makes sure that you don’t have to compromise on your experience just because your camera isn’t good enough.”
While most bike cameras come with adhesives that scrape away the beautiful surface of fuel tanks in the process of mounting, Bullet HD makes sure to 3M damage free adhesive for camera mounting because the company understands that all bike photography enthusiasts hold their bikes dear. This damage free adhesive can also be used elsewhere if a user wants to mount the lens temporarily.
The spokesperson continued to add, “At Bullet HD, our clients are our first priority and we make sure to come up with accessories that assist in their adventurous experience. We are continually updating our product, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to incorporating the best technology in our cameras for our users.”
Moreover different kinds of mounts like roller bar mount and flat surface mount is also available to shoot the video from the best possible angle so that the user can relive the memory as it is.
The spokesperson concluded by saying, “Due to our exceptional work ethics and high quality products, we are proud to boast a wide client base. We strive to maintain our standard and come up to the expectations of our clients. The recent successful launch of BIKER PRO and BIKER MATE cameras is a proof to our dedication.”

About the Company
Bullet HD was founded by Silver Creation Int’l Ltd in 2008 as one of the first manufacturers of action-sports cameras. As a motorcycle enthusiast and Harley Davidson fanatic, the founder tried every action camera on the market, but found them unfulfilling as a motorcyclist. Biker Pro and Biker Mate bring to the table features that are unique to the needs of bikers. A motorcycle is the ultimate symbol of freedom, and your action camera should reflect that ethos.



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