How to install the BIKER cam on your motorcycles

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So you have your brand new BIKER cam in your hands and just can’t wait to install it on your motorcycle and go exploring! Installing a bike cam can be difficult for the beginners, so we have developed a guideline for them to follow in order to install it correctly. Read on to understand the instructions!

Understanding the Accessories

The BIKER cams come with following accessories:

  • Main Controller
  • Main Controller Flat Mount
  • 3M VHB Adhesive Type-A (Pre-Fixed)
  • Sensor Data Cable 78 Inch (2 Meter)
  • Interchangeable Lens Module
  • 360 Lens Flat Mount
  • 3M VHB Adhesive Type-B (Pre-Fixed)
  • Dual USB Power Converter (DC 12V to DC 5V)
  • USB Cable
  • Cable Connector -2 pieces
  • Cable Ties - 4 pieces

Installing the Cam

To install the BIKER cam on 2015 Honda Goldwing, first you need to remove the following items:
  • The upper-right side control panel.
  • The seat
  • Both side panels

Steps to Follow:

  1. Install the Dual USB Power Converter by opening the Goldwing fusebox and use the two accessory screws to power the Power Converter.
  2. Route the power cable from the seat area to the upper right control panel area.
  3. Now use the USB camera cable from the top right side control box area.
  4. Now cut a notch in the top control panel in order to route the power and camera wires from the controller to their locations.
  5. Now tuck the excess power cable and camera USB into the compartment, then reinstall the control cover routing the wires through the notch you made before. (See Step 4)
  6. Now place the BIKER Controller mount into the cover using a double sided tape or adhesive. Be sure where you mount so that both the wires are able to reach the controller.
  7. Now place the BIKER Controller into the mount and connect it to the wires.
  8. Your camera is ready to be used, enjoy your ride!
As there are so many motorcycle models in the market, we request our users to share how they install the cam to give new users an idea of how to do it. Share your experience with us and get free and exciting gifts!
Happy installing!
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